2021 Regatta Programme

Regatta Day - Sunday 1st August

Harding Cup for Redwings (tbc)

See traditional National Redwing Dinghy Races, easily identified by their red sails.

Viewing from: Appledore Quay or Instow Beach.

Launching from: North Devon Yacht Club Slipway Instow.

Gaffers & Luggers Race (tbc)

See the majestic Gaff and Lugg sail rigged sailing boat compete through a challenging course starting just off Appledore Quay and making their way over to Braunton Burrows heading to the Lifeboat Station then returning back along the estuary back up the River Torridge to the finish line at Richmond Dock.

Location: Appledore Quay

Gig Boat Estuary Race (tbc)

Racing Starts at 6:00pm

Competing local Gig Clubs race from the Anchor Slipway on Appledore Quay opposite the Seagate Hotel to the 'Outer' Buoy at the opening of the Estuary toward the Sea where the waves are very challenging and race back to the Anchor Slipway. A truly tough race of endurance!

Viewing from: Appledore Quay or Instow Beach.

Launching from: Church Fields Car Park Slipway (Big Anchor), Appledore.

Regatta Day

Sunday 1st August 2021

Starts 2:00pm & Ends around 6:30pm

Please listen to announcements on the day on Appledore Quay for events & timings.

Along Appledore Quay: 'Tug of War' on water, Gig & Punt Race, WEARA Rowing Races, Gig Club Boat Races, 'Miller & Sweep' Battle, Greasy Pole, with a variety of Stalls and many other events and activities. WEARA Rowing can be viewed from Appledore Quay.

The RNLI Offshore Lifeboat will also be available to view on and in subject to call outs.

Viewing from: Appledore Quay.

Over on Instow Beach: Rowing Crews from across the South West will be arriving early and setting up/off for races from Instow.

W.E.A.R.A. organise over 30 Races, with over 150 Crews from Rowing Clubs across the South West competing in regional competitions at locations all over the South West for more details click here.

Viewing from: Appledore Quay or Instow Beach.

Launching from: Instow Beach for WEARA Rowing Crews.

Salmon Boat Races (tbc)

Racing Starts at 6:00pm

Rowing endurance and team work are key from start to finish in a traditional Salmon Boat.

Viewing from: Appledore Quay.

Launching from: Church Fields Car Park Slipway (Big Anchor), Appledore.

Gig Sprint Races (tbc)

Racing Starts at 6:00pm

See Gig Clubs crews compete in a number of Gig Boat Estuary Sprints from one end of Appledore Quay to the Anchor Slipway opposite the Seagate Hotel.

Viewing from: Appledore Quay.

Launching from: Church Fields Car Park Slipway (Big Anchor), Appledore.

World Championship Crabbing Contest (tbc)

Register 6:00pm, Starts 6:30pm

Excellent fun for the kids...and the big kids!

Try catching as many crabs as possible in the allotted time, using traditional single crabbing lines, to be the World Champion.


Location: South end of Appledore Quay

Model Yacht Racing (tbc)

Appledore has a long tradition of Vintage Model Yacht Sailing and this year is no exception with several races taking place with a variety of model yachts of all sizes and styles for all ages.

Spectators are welcome to join Competitors on the Sand Ridge and see and take part in the launching of Model Yachts.

Prizes Giving will be outside (weather permitting) at Beaver Inn.

There are plenty of Yachts of all sizes for anyone to have a go.

Location: The Beach, West Quay Slip, Irsha Street, Appledore,

by the Beaver Inn.


RNLI & local boats will be supporting this event.

Model Yachts are launched from the Sand Ridge in the middle of the River Torridge at low tide.

This event does require a short boat ride to the Sand Ridge and back.

Launching of Model Yachts does require Participants to enter the water no more than knee deep.

If Children are launching Model Yachts please ensure they are supervised.

Spectators are welcome to visit the Sand Ridge with Competitors.


The easy and convenient way to get across the River Torridge to enjoy both Appledore & Instow.

On Regatta day take in the atmosphere of the Rowing Crews getting ready to race and setting off on Instow beach or visit Appledore with the stalls Lifeboat and much more.

Location: Appledore Quay & Instow Quay

Click here for Appledore & Instow Ferry Website for further details

2021 Results & Prizes

The Winners of the various Regatta Events & Activities will be presented with Regatta Trophies, Cups, Salvers, Bowls and Medals as available.

Many of these awards have been presented to the Regatta Committee by local supporters as 'perpetual awards' in memory of local family members and must be returned a month before the start of the following years Regatta.

All Regatta Events Prize Giving will take place on Appledore Quay or as advised during the Regatta or in the programme.